-If you are coming to the Road to California Quilt Show, I am in a different area this year. Find me in Booth 137, in the main ballroom near the entrance to the pavilion. Looking forward to seeing you!

-On a local note, the wonderful gallery, Krista Artista in Anoka, will be closing in the next couple of weeks. Krista has provided all of us with a daily exposure to creativity and a unique shopping experience. Both Krista and her gallery will be sorely missed. If you are not already on her mailing list, sign up to receive news of upcoming events! Although the shop is closing, some new happenings will be in the works throughout the year. Stay tuned. Also, please check my shopping or show pages for other sources to purchase my work, or contact me directly.

-Over the years, I have been asked to teach dyeing classes, and for many reasons I always decline. I usually recommend a book called "Color by Accident" by Ann Johnston. Now, Ann has produced a DVD that is perfect if you are not able to take a class, and want a more hands-on approach than reading a book. Her method is straightforward, informative and very helpful. It consists of a 2 disk set, 4 hours and 19 minutes running time total. Here is a link to a 3 minute trailer. Enjoy!


I'll be Exhibiting at Quilt Festival Chicago, March 26-28, 2015.