Over the years, I have been asked to teach dyeing classes, and for many reasons I always decline. I usually recommend a book called "Color by Accident" by Ann Johnston. Now, Ann has produced a DVD that is perfect if you are not able to take a class, and want a more hands-on approach than reading a book. Her method is straightforward, informative and very helpful. It consists of a 2 disk set, 4 hours and 19 minutes running time total. Here is a link to a 3 minute trailer. Enjoy!

Extra shows were on my plate last year, making it difficult for me to keep up with product. The schedule may get tweaked this year, but just check my show page or email me. I'll be happy to fill you in or answer any questions. I have been continuing to do landscapes and perfecting my technique for those. I have also been doing some shibori which I really enjoy. Please continue to look for my dyed goods at shows and galleries, along with the continual variety of overdyed prints, vintage textiles, trims, bamboo sox and tee shirts. I always look forward to seeing all of you!